9 -11 AUGUST 2019 / SAMARA, Russia

Festival Protoka

Protoka 2019 is the sixth annual festival of yoga, meditation and healthy living for the whole family. You will hear unique ethnic groups, see masters and teachers, find friends and find yourself!
Unic theme

SHINE! - the theme of the year of the Protoka festival 2019, the whole program is built in order to feel and taste of your Shining!
5000 guests

We hold the festival for the sixth time and every year more and more people respond to our idea. In 2018 there were 5,000 of us!
500 master-classes

Master classes and concerts in 2 musical scenes, a large program for children, night location, an African village
25 sites

Venues of yoga, meditation, psychology, healing sound, massage, familiarity with cultures of various countries, travel and tea ceremonies. Each site has its own program
Watch the video and feel the Protoka without words
Festival's music
Best ethnic groups from the world
Right now it's secret )))
As it was in 2018
For 5 years in a row, we have held the largest festival of yoga, self-knowledge and a healthy lifestyle in the Volga region.
Last year, over 3 days, we had 5,000 guests, 25 musical groups performed, and 500 master classes were held.
Where is the festival?
In the ecological district near Samara. The beach, the river Volga in oak and pine forest. 40 minutes from the airport

We are going to meet interesting people, get new knowledge, practice and breathe fresh air!

Popular Questions
Here we have collected popular questions about the festival. If you do not find the answer, write to us in the official group vk.com/protokafestival
The organizers think over the festival thoroughly and answer your questions.
  • Evgenii Mitrofanov
    Director of festival. Main organizer

    Strategic issues and cooperation.
  • Alexander Golovanov
    Оrganizer of festival

    Meditation camps, "Inner circle"
  • Ekaterina Merkulova
    Оrganizer of festival
    Disign, comfort, locations
  • Arina Romanova
    Оrganizer of festival
    Line-up, curators of all camps
  • Olga Sitnikova
    Оrganizer of festival

    Musical producer, volunteers
Our friends and partners
Contact us for any question
Official e-mail: festivalprotoka@gmail.com
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