August 9-11 2019


The largest festival of self-knowledge and healthy lifestyle in Russia
25 camps

Camps of yoga, meditation, psychology, healing sound, massage, traveling, tea ceremonies and many others.
500 events

Master-classes and concerts on 2 music stages, a large program for children, night location, African village.
5000 guests

This is sixth festival and every year more and more people respond to our idea. In 2018, there were 5000 of us!

Feel the ROTOKA without words

Protoka is a festival of self-knowledge and conscious creativity, this festival is a dream about the society of the future, when people do not compete, but cooperate. When the eyes are shining with love and kindness. The place where everyone is accepted as he is and everyone who gets into this space is filled with love and happiness.

Festival's music

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Festival's master

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Festival map

Where is PROTOKA

Festival Park (Grushinskaya Polyana), near the village of Coastal, Samara region.
The only entry is through the village Coastal, in other words you not get.
In an ecological area near Samara.

Beach, Volga river. Oak and pine forest.
40 minutes drive from the airport.

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