August 9-11 2019


The largest festival of self-knowledge and healthy lifestyle in Russia
25 camps

Camps of yoga, meditation, psychology, healing sound, massage, traveling, tea ceremonies and many others.
500 events

Master-classes and concerts on 2 music stages, a large program for children, night location, African village.
5000 guests

This is sixth festival and every year more and more people respond to our idea. In 2018, there were 5000 of us!

Feel the ROTOKA without words

Protoka is a festival of self-knowledge and conscious creativity, this festival is a dream about the society of the future, when people do not compete, but cooperate. When the eyes are shining with love and kindness. The place where everyone is accepted as he is and everyone who gets into this space is filled with love and happiness.

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Here we have collected popular questions about the festival.
If you do not find an answer, please contact us +79272118108 or write to our group
How to get?
The festival takes place in the festival park between Samara and Tolyatti, near the village of Pribrezhniy (the same place where the Grushinsky festival is held).
Build a route by clicking on the link:

Entry only through the village Coastal, through the Power of Labor you will not get by car.
Description: driving through the village "Coastal", after two railway crossings there will be a PLATE "Festival Park", immediately turn left.
FIRST (attention - the first !!!) turn LEFT. Continue along the main road.
You need a festival park where the Grushinsky Festival usually takes place.

Parking and check in.
The entrance to the festival by car (ecological collection) is established by the administration of the Festival Park and amounts to 400 rubles from the car and includes parking for all days of the festival. Charged on the first checkpoint.
After paying for the eco-collection, you can enter and leave the checkpoint any number of times, an additional fee is not charged for this, keep a receipt of payment.
What to take with you
Ticket to the festival. If you have an e-ticket print it, you can buy it here
. You can also buy a ticket at the entrance
- On the ticket is a unique code, you can only go through it once. Do not pass it on to other people.
- Documents (passport, OMS policy, your own and your children)
- Umbrella, cap or sunscreen.
- A foam or practice mat and maybe a light blanket to hide during shavasana
- Tent, sleeping bag, foam - if you set your tent
- Warm clothes for the night, as well as a rain coat or jacket just in case
- Girls, take long skirts, we will dance!
- Various musical instruments (flute, harp, karataly, telarmonium)
- A plate (bowl), a mug and spoons (we try to use plastic dishes to a minimum)
- Snack (peanuts cookies)
- Cash for purchases at food court, at the Fair and payment of services.
The food at the festival.
According to the old tradition of the Protoka, the festival prepares food for free. Because it is very important for us to eat together. Cooking takes place with a prayer, such food is called prasadam. It is being prepared by the Samara Society of Krishna Consciousness. Therefore, we ask you to take the dishes with you and it is very important that the dishes be clean during the distribution of food! It can be washed at the water source.

TO APPLY TO FOOD (prasad) follows this: it is a gift, a treat from the festival.
If you for some reason did not get food or you do not want to stand in line, do not demand it and do not be upset!
The Protoka takes care of its guests, so we strongly recommend to keep a vegetarian diet on the festival days. Light vegetable food contributes to a more efficient passage of spiritual and meditative practices, helps to avoid discomfort on the part of the digestive system.
Living conditions at the festival.
-- The beach is open; there are 2 exits to the Volga, you can and should swim
- Dry closets installed in three points of the festival, next to them sinks.
- Drinking water (clean, proven) in the public domain.
- Shower in the meadow and on the camp site for an additional fee 150 rubles
- Boiling water can be taken in the kitchen in Krishnalland, for free
Bonfires are prohibited.
What is included in the ticket price?
- Attending classes, workshops, trainings, concerts
- Accommodation in the tent in the territory of the Festival
- Drinking water
- Use of toilets and washbasins
- A Krishna kitchen will be served free treats (cereals, soups, second, drinks, etc.)
At extra charge:
- Parking for all three days (ecological collection 400r.)
- Products and souvenirs Fairs
- shower on the territory of the festival and on the festival hostel
- personal consultations and private services (fortune telling, massage, etc.)
Can I go to the festival with young children?
Да. Кроме того, мы специально делаем детскую площадку.
Where can I stay near the festival in comfort?
1. Eco-hotel "Mayak". 89277102561 ask reserve for the duct festival
24 minutes walk (link to see the distance) from the festival park for beautiful beauties. You can drive around by car through the top road.
The cost of living starts from 4400r / day for a double room standard. Here is the link: breakfast. You can order a complete meal for adults and children.
2. "Stumps" hostel 🚶 35 minutes 89276031857 ask the houses from the "reserve for the Protoka festival"
Is it possible to cook on an open fire during the festival?
Bonfires are forbidden

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Festival map

Where is PROTOKA

Festival Park (Grushinskaya Polyana), near the village of Coastal, Samara region.
The only entry is through the village Coastal, in other words you not get.
In an ecological area near Samara.

Beach, Volga river. Oak and pine forest.
40 minutes drive from the airport.

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